Ways to Clean Your AC Condenser Coils

Dirt, debris, and other pollutants can accumulate on the coil surfaces due to the close spacing between the coil fins, surface moisture from the cooling process, and the amount of air that flows across them. This buildup reduces the system’s ability to transfer heat into and out of the house over time, limiting its ability to provide summer cooling. It needs AC replacement in Alpharetta, GA, sooner than expected. 

In extreme cases, dirty coils can obstruct or block the airflow essential to the entire process. Low energy efficiency can result in a less comfortable home and higher utility bills. Worse, dirty coils force the system to work harder than it should, resulting in shorter system life and potentially high repair costs.

Dirty Coils Have Several Drawbacks

  • Increased Operating Temperatures:
    According to AC experts, excessive dirt and debris buildup can put undue strain on the system, forcing fans and compressors to work harder and at higher temperatures to achieve the desired indoor comfort.
  • Reduced Comfort:
    As part of the cooling process, your air conditioner helps remove unwanted and uncomfortable humidity from your home. Dirty coils can reduce overall system effectiveness, increase humidity, and decrease comfort.
  • Increased System Wears:
    When the evaporator coil is clogged, the compressor runs at higher temperatures, putting the entire system under stress. Experts of
    AC repair in Alpharetta, GA, suggest the compressor is one of the most expensive parts to replace in an air conditioning system; protecting it can save you money in the long run.
  • System Repairs or Replacement:
    System failures caused by over-stressed components may necessitate service calls, the replacement of system components, or, in the most extreme cases, the replacement of the entire system.
  • Reduced Cooling Efficiency:
    As the buildup on the coils’ surfaces accumulates, they have to work harder to absorb or release heat, resulting in less efficient operation.
  • Increased Cooling Costs:
    Dirty coils mean you’ll have to spend more money to keep your space cool.

Cleaning The AC Condenser Coils

  • Examine The Coils
    Visually inspect the coils and if you notice any significant damage, contact a local air conditioning professional for assistance.
  • Using a Coil Brush, Remove Any Debris
    After inspecting the coils, use a coil brush to remove any large pieces of debris. This includes tall grass and overgrown leaves, which can obstruct the operation of your air conditioner. Hire us for most reliable AC service in Lawrenceville, GA at most affordable prices.  
  • Straighten The Coil Fins
    If you notice that your coil fins are bent, straighten them out with an adjustable fin comb. Its small, malleable prongs make it an ideal and affordable tool for straightening fins and removing debris between tight crevices.
  • Coat The Coils With a Coil Cleaner
    To remove any remaining debris, gently use your hose to wet the coils. Then, spray a generous amount of foaming coil cleaner onto the coils in a back-and-forth motion. The coil cleaner will foam up and begin to collect dust and debris. To avoid bending the fins, hit them straight in a slow back and forth motion while cleaning with water.


When AC coils become dirty, they should be cleaned. However, the rate at which they become dirty is determined by how frequently you use your air conditioner, how often you change your filter, the amount of dust or debris in the air, and the number of people who live in the space. Contact AirMaster Heating and Air, Inc. at (770) 691-1475 for all available services.