A Home Performance Testing is so Important

You may wonder why having a Home Performance Test ( Energy Audit) is something you should consider for your home. Some homeowners may consider going the do-it-yourself route and try to perform an audit on their own. However, since the U.S. Department of Energy has estimated that more than half of a home’s energy cost are a result of heating and cooling, your best bet is to hire a Professional HVAC Contractor.

AirMaster Heating & Air, Inc. uses a 6-step process when
conducting a Home Performance Test.

Step 1: Inspection
    We mieet with you and discuss your areas of concern. Then, we’ll inspect everything that is related to that issue and more.  We review your heating and cooling equipment, water heater, insulation, windows, ductwork, and a thorough check for gas and carbon monoxide leaks.
Step 2: Testing
State-of-the-art technology is used in your home including a thermal imaging camera, blower door system, duct blaster and more.  We capture the results for the next step.
Step 3: Analysis
Our sophisticated software analyzes all the data collected with a variety of tests and determines what can be done to correct the issues found.
Step 4: Recommendations
AirMaster provides you with list of recommendations - a game plan of sorts. And we will help you to prioritize them so you can choose what fits your budget and bests fits your concerns.
Step 5: Resolution
We are your “One Stop Shop” for getting things done. As a Energy Expert we are trained to service and repair all of the areas affecting your home energy performance -- Heating and Cooling, Air Filteration and Distribution and the Home Envelope.
Step 6: Results
This one is simple. We work together to evaluate, to estimate, and to implement.  The results are greater home comfort and lower energy costs for years.

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