Why Won’t Your Heating System Turn ON?

The heating system supports you during winter by taking care of your health and comfort. It prevents health risks by providing filtered, fresh, and warm air. Sometimes, the HVAC unit cannot provide comfort due to its poor condition.

The poor maintenance and neglected annual heating services in Lawrenceville, GA, can deteriorate your heating unit. The worst outcome of a poorly maintained and mishandled heater is the heating system not turning ON. Read through the listed steps below to understand why your heating is not turning ON.

Heating System Not Turning ON

  • Check All The Switches and Settings

If your heating system is not turning ON, the first thing to verify is whether all the switches are on. Ensure the main power supply is ON, the thermostat is set to heating mode, the fan is on “Auto” mode, the circuit breaker is not tripped, and the gas valve is open.

After checking these, look at the thermostat settings. Increase the temperature by 5 degrees to check if this will turn your heating system ON. If this method works, later change the temperature according to the need.

If the thermostat does not respond at all, book a repair for the best services. 

  • The Pilot Light is Working

Ensure that your pilot light is igniting the flame. The flame should be blue, not yellow or red. The difference in flame color indicates a harmful gas leak. If your pilot light is not working, there is probably some problem with the gas supply. Hire us for the best Lawrenceville HVAC repair at your doorstep. 

Either the gas amount is insufficient, or the gas valve is damaged. The other reason can be the dirty pilot light. Turn off the main power and gas supply, locate the pilot light, remove it, read the manual, and clean it with sandpaper. Then, place it back and turn the power and gas supply ON to troubleshoot the faulty pilot light.

  • Get Rid of The Dirty Heater

Too much dirt can block air vents, drain lines, and condensers. Mainly a dirty air filter lets dirt enter these components of the HVAC. You should replace your air filter once every 60 to 90 days. In addition, keep cleaning tools like a vacuum, water hose, cleaning spray, etc., handy to clean your furnace efficiently.

  • Faulty Heating Components

Another common reason for the heating unit not turning ON is the damaged, broken, or faulty HVAC components. There can be a cracked heat exchanger, broken ignitor, or damaged capacitor. An overheated furnace damages the blower capacitor. If problem persists, we can provide you with the most affordable and reliable Heating service in Alpharetta.  

Sometimes, poor maintenance or an outdated heating system degrades the blower capacitor. If the heating components are damaged, broken, or rusted, you should contact an HVAC technician for heating services.

Inform The HVAC Professional

After you inspect your heating system and try all DIY methods to troubleshoot it, the next step to fix the is to contact the heating professional for repair service. Air Master Heating and Air Inc. provide long-term warranty and effective cooling and heating services. Contact us at (770) 691-1475 to get your HVAC handled by a pro.