Top 10 Reasons Why Our AC Is Not Working

When your AC malfunctions or stops working, you may ask yourself, why is this happening? There may be more than one reason for the issue, so if you are facing this problem, don’t immediately opt for air conditioning repair in Alpharetta; instead, try to find out more about the reasons for this problem.

10 Reasons That Explain Why Your AC Performance Is Decreasing

A Tripped Circuit Breaker

Circuit breaker tripping is not a big issue. A circuit breaker trips when there is a risk of a short circuit, fire mishap, or any other electrical damage. It is to prevent other electrical equipment from getting damaged. When your AC stops working, turn it off. 

Dirty AC Coils

The air conditioning coils are responsible for throwing the heat outside. If it is too dirty to work, your AC will stop working. It is important to clean the dirty air conditioning coils. 

Unreplaced Air Filter

The air passes through the air filter. During this process, the AC filter traps all those components that can harm your AC unit and health. If you have not replaced it for a long time, you may face the problem of the AC not working. We got you covered for all your AC malfunctions and get the best AC repair in Lawrenceville, GA and nearby areas.

The Problem-Causing Components In The AC Units

Dead rodents, broken branches, leaves, etc., are the particles that hinder AC performance. These usually enter our AC during heavy rainfall and thunderstorms. Make sure you inspect the AC after the rainstorm to prevent such problems.

Poor Electricity Flow

When the house’s wiring gets improperly done or is not in good condition, this affects the electricity flow. The flow can suddenly increase or decrease, causing your AC to stop working.

Refrigerant Leakage In The AC

Enough coolant is a must for an AC to blow cool air. The coolant leakage can cause an unexpected decrease in the refrigerant amount. Inspect your AC to verify if there is any leakage source. Get the coolant amount checked by the technician once and schedule an annual servicing for your AC unit to avoid future problems.

The Thermostat Needs Batteries

Sometimes, the thermostat cannot adjust the temperature correctly, or its motion sensor stops working. It happens due to dead batteries. Replace your thermostat batteries when your AC suddenly stops blowing air. Hire us to get HVAC services in Alpharetta at the most affordable prices. 

Frozen Outside Unit

An air conditioning unit that needs cleaning for a long time but is deprived of this service leads to a build-up of ice on the evaporator. This frozen component makes your AC stop working.

Drainage Is Blocked

A mixture of chlorine bleach with water helps you clean the drain lines. If the drain line is blocked, the water will not pass outside, and this blocked water can also lead to leakage resulting in AC failure.

Burnt AC Component

An AC component can burn due to problems with the power supply. The air conditioning motor is more prone to this problem. When a burnt motor stops working, it pauses the functioning of all other AC components.


Most of these problems have easy solutions. If you find troubleshooting any of the mentioned problems difficult, contact Air Master Heating and Air Inc. Your air conditioning unit will work like new after receiving our services. Call us at (770) 691-1475 to schedule service.