Signs It’s Time For A New Air Conditioner Installation

Not every AC problem indicates AC repair. However, some issues are too severe to be repaired. All HVAC owners should have basic information about all AC problems to know whether the air conditioning unit can still serve them for more years or if they should consider a new AC installation. We are leading HVAC contractor in Alpharetta, GA at the most affordable prices. 

The information will help you prepare for the cost and time involved in fixing the poorly functioning air conditioner unit. Installing a new air conditioner is usually costlier than air conditioner repair. Still, it is a wise option to save money in the long run as it has advantages such as low power consumption, an extended lifespan, and fewer repair needs.

The Signs Warn You Of The Need For AC Installation

Ineffective Airflow

If your air conditioning unit provides airflow as good as no airflow, that is because either your AC has no refrigerant or your AC is too damaged to work. An insufficient amount of coolant is the reason for inadequate airflow.

You can use the same AC by filling the refrigerant amount only if your AC works on refrigerants other than Freon, as Freon gas has been banned in the US. Therefore, you will need a new AC installation if your AC needs R22 coolant. Increase the efficiency of your HVAC units by a simple Air duct cleaning in Alpharetta which will improve the overall performance. 

Noisy Air Conditioning

An AC unit produces some noise while running, but that noise is not annoying when the AC operation becomes too noisy and irritating.

It means your AC is dealing with internal failure that needs repair or replacement. Compare the charges of AC repair and replacement to choose which option is better.

A Wave of Repairs

When your AC unit is not costing you one or two repairs but many repairs, there is no use in investing in continuous repairs as you can get a new AC for the same amount.

Too many repairs mean too many expenses and many restless days. You should prefer a new AC installation when a wave of repairs harms your comfort and peace.

Smelly Indoor Air

An AC unit should only release cool air, not poor odors. If your AC unit is circulating bad smells that make you feel uneasy indoors, get it examined at the earliest.

A quick AC inspection will let you know if the replacement is the only solution that can save you from this problem. We provide the best services for AC repair in Alpharetta, GA at the comfort of your home. 

Exceeding Energy Bills

The SEER rating is one of the most important factors we look for while installing a new AC. It is because we want to save energy and money on utility bills.

If our AC unit is consuming more energy than expected, its age and poor condition are the reasons. An AC replacement is the best solution for unexpectedly rising electricity bills.


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