Measures to take if your furnace gives a burning smell

The burning smell from the furnace is common but should not be neglected. You might smell it when you switch it on after a long time in winter. The smell doesn’t come from every furnace. However, some furnaces smell like burning plastic, burning dust, or electrical odors. The burning smell might be an indication of the serious issues of the HVAC system.

How does the normal furnace smell?
The normal functioning of the furnace will not give you a bad odor. The HVAC system accumulates a thin layer of airborne particles on the ignition system, ducts, and the heat exchanger. Therefore, after a long time, you might smell some dust burning in the HVAC system when you start your furnace. The burning smell will definitely be unpleasant but won’t last longer than half an hour or so. You should open the slides of the window or switch on the fan for ventilation if you feel some strong smell in the room because of the furnace. Under normal conditions, the natural gas would smell like a rotten egg. If you feel the smell is not going away, you should switch off the furnace and call for professional help for HVAC service in Alpharetta. Skilled technicians will help you manage your furnace and make your winter comfortable.

You should check the following parts when you smell something burning
There can be various reasons behind the burning smell from the furnace. You should check the following if your furnace is producing a burning smell:

  1. Check the filters
    The clogged filters are the most common reason for the burning smell. The airborne particles get accumulated over the filters, stopping the air’s flow. The restricted movement of air causes less heat to be produced for the room and increases the pressure on the motor. The increased pressure might cause the release of a bad odor or a burning smell. You should switch the furnace off if the burning smell doesn’t disappear after opening the ventilation windows. An HVAC contractor in Alpharetta can help you fix your HVAC system for the winter season.

  2. Wires Burning
    The electrical connections might trouble you when you use the furnace after a long time. The insulation of the wire might get damaged because of the sudden increase in voltage and improper placement. If the insulation is damaged, it can cause a spark in the wire, resulting in a burning smell in the room. HVAC contractors in Alpharetta can help you in repairing these wires and stop the burning smell of the furnace. We will help you avoid any kind of mishap that can occur because of broken wires.

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