How To Know It’s Time For An AC Tune-Up?

We know that all of us depend on your AC throughout the summer. Did you know that a tune-up can help your air conditioner function more efficiently all summer? You may frequently save money and avoid costly AC repair in Lawrenceville, GA, by getting your air conditioning system tuned up on time.

Signs That Your Air Conditioner Needs to be Serviced Include:

  • AC Isn’t Working Properly

Your air conditioner will not serve its goal if it blows room temperature or heated air. Your air conditioner coils or air filters may need to be cleaned or changed to avoid dust and dirt being the leading cause of your AC’s inefficiency. Your air conditioner may have less refrigerant, in which case a recharge may be necessary. It’s also possible that the issue is electrical. Due to a trip or fuse, the outdoor unit is receiving power.

  • Unusual Noises

If your air conditioner is old, you’ve probably become accustomed to the noises it produces when it’s turned on. If you hear any new sounds that aren’t normal, it’s time to have Air Conditioning Repair Alpharetta. A hissing sound, a whistle, a buzz, or an unsettling thud are all familiar sounds that indicate something is awry.

  • Unpleasant Odor

An air conditioner tune-up ensures that your machine is clean and well-maintained, removing any potential odor sources. Wet filters, a blockage in the condensate drain line, or fungus or mold accumulation are all possible causes of the smell. It could also signify that the wire insulation in your system needs to be replaced.

  • Poor Airflow

Clogged ducts or dirty air filters make it difficult for air to circulate freely through the system. Clogs can lead to costly repairs and in turn we can provide you with Alpharetta AC replacement. It can induce allergies and other respiratory problems in you and your family, posing a health concern.

  • Utility Bills Have Risen

Your utility costs could mean your air conditioner uses more energy than usual. If you don’t plan frequent AC tune-ups, your air conditioning system will lose efficiency as it gets older. Smart AC controllers are an excellent method to keep track of your usage and maintain your AC’s upkeep.

  • High Humidity

The weather in the spring and summer can be exceedingly humid! It does not imply that you must also deal with dampness indoors. In such circumstances, the refrigerant in your air conditioner needs to be replaced. Your coils will be in perfect operating order after a tune-up.

  • Leakage

Regular air conditioner tune-ups, such as those performed shortly before the season, can help you avoid a leak. Leaks should be addressed carefully because they might ruin your air conditioner and home.

Suppose you book a tune-up as soon as you discover one of these inefficiencies. In that case, your service company, such as AirMaster Heating and Air, Inc., will determine what’s causing the problem and solve it before it becomes an expensive air conditioning repair.

Call us at (770) 691-1475 when you’re ready to get your air conditioner serviced. We’ll come out at a convenient time for you, inspect your unit, do any necessary maintenance, and inform you of our findings.