How To Find Out If Your Heater Is Energy Efficient?

The modern heaters have taken over the old furnaces. We no longer need wood or large areas to heat our living space. Also, the smoke and the dust no longer worry the user. A major part of the bill is built-in winters because of various heating gadgets- heaters proving to be the most expensive.

There are various types of heaters that one can use in their daily life. Electric and solar heaters are a couple of heaters used daily by thousands, but are they really energy efficient? Let’s find out.

Energy Rating

Look for the energy rating written on your heater. More the number of stars, the more efficient the device is. With more usage, the age of the heater keeps deteriorating. The rating thus falls from the time of purchase to the current date of use. You can prevent the heating repair in Lawrenceville by using your device carefully and following the other guidelines for efficient heater usage.


With more usage over the years, the heater’s age and services keep deteriorating. An average heater works for about 15-20 years for its ideal working. The rating eventually falls as the use increases. Even after handling it carefully with regular maintenance, the ratings will decrease. You can extend heating repair in Lawrenceville by utilizing your device diligently and observing further maintenance and upkeep.

Airtight Test

The heater’s efficiency rating is not the only factor that makes the heater efficient. You can have the best-rated heater, but a bad environment can make you feel like a low-rated heater. Ensure that the room you are using the heater in is airtight to use the device efficiently. If the cold air seeps in, the heater will not do the expected work and cause unnecessary expenses.

Reversible Ceiling Fans

Another way to make your heater look more efficient is using reversible ceiling fans. The anti-clockwise motion of the fan collects all the warm air and circulates it in the entire room. This will increase the lifespan of your heater and help it in its work, thus saving its machines for later use.

Good Thermostat

If you feel that your electricity bill is rising at a greater rate, it’s time that you change your damaged heater. A thermostat is a better alternative to a heater. It can save a lot of energy by creating the temperature conditions per your needs. This proves to be a very efficient way of saving energy and money.

Ducted Heating

HVAC contractor in Lawrenceville prefers a ducted heater over a normal heater. Ducted heaters are the best way of using energy efficiently. It does this by heating only the required area and not wasting energy in unnecessary places.

So all this was necessary to know if your heater was efficient or required to replace your older one for a new heater. Also, now you know how to take care of your devices, and so you don’t have to go through a system replacement again.

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