8 Common Types of Air Conditioner Noises

It’s often not a good sign if your air conditioner produces strange noises. These noises could signal a problem causing your system to be less effective. Get the most effective and reliable HVAC installation in Lawrenceville, GA and nearby areas. 

8 common types of air conditioner noises

Here are the most common types of noises that air conditioners make:

Brutal Sounds

There are various causes of an air conditioner’s excessive noise, including dirty condenser fins, a unit that is too large for your house, broken air ducts, or an air conditioner that is too old and has to be replaced. Regular AC maintenance inspections are the best approach to avoid AC problems.

Humming Sound

Humming could be a symptom that the capacitor in the air conditioner is failing. The capacitor is the component in your AC that starts the motor when you turn it on. The AC is to blame if there is humming noise. It also takes a while to switch on each time or shut off on its own.

Buzzy Sound

If your air conditioner is frozen, it will buzz when you turn it on. Failure to change the air filters regularly is one of the leading causes of ice building up within an air conditioner. They obstruct airflow when they are covered in dust. The result is poorly cooling air conditioners, water leaks, buzzing noises, and more significant energy costs.

A Squeaking Sound

This annoying noise can signal that the compressor needs to be repaired. Refrigerant, the gas that cools the air, is pumped through your air conditioner through this component. Turn off the AC if you hear a screeching sound to prevent further harm to the system.

Rattling Noise

If the primary, internal section of your AC is making noise, loose screws, fasteners, or bolts are probably to blame. You should seek the assistance of our HVAC specialist for this problem.

After turning the machine off, quickly remove the fan grill to eliminate anything trapped inside. If none of these appears to be the problem, your compressor might be making rattling noises. This develops with time and is typically one of the first indications that it’s time for AC repair in Lawrenceville, GA.

Hissing or Whistling Noise

If any of the following occur, you should be alarmed if you hear a hissing sound:

  • Energy costs are rising
  • The AC isn’t cooling
  • Frost growing on the condenser unit

This suggests that there may be a refrigerant leak.

A Grinding Sound

If your air conditioner is making a grinding noise, it could be the compressor or the fan belt. The compressor may be worn out if its components make loud noises when compressing refrigerants. This is typically a hint that the compressor needs to be replaced.

A Clanging Sound

Older air conditioning systems may require lubrication of the motor if they make a clunking noise; newer methods don’t. The fact that air conditioners are high-voltage systems requires extra caution when working on them, even though many DIY videos are online.

The Bottom Line

If you find strange noises emanating from your AC, pay attention to what they are trying to say! When your system makes an odd noise, address the sound without delay. Contact our professionals for an inspection or AC replacement in Alpharetta, GA.

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